Law / Grace - On Which Side of the Cross Are You

Law/Grace: On Which Side of Cross Are You? Galatians:3:21-25 4:107

1. Law never liberates, never brings joy. Grace liberates and is full of joy.

2. Before we came to the cross we were condemned; after the cross we have life, liberty, and acceptance. Ephesians:1:6

3. Gal:3:21-24 - The law can not save.

- The law brings us to Christ.

- The law brings us to faith.

4. The laws purpose to condemn, Galatians:3:22, then to bring you to faith in Christ, to teach you your continual need of him, to show you how he fulfils the righteous demands of the law on your behalf, to show you how he bore the condemnations of the law on your behalf: to ultimately set you free from the curse and obligations of the law so that you can live the 2 greatest commandments. Love God and Love your neighbor.

5. Galatians:5:1 Christians can and do live like they have not yet come to the cross.

6. The law does not condemn divorce and remarriage or moderate use of alcohol. It does have negative things to say about both of them. Deut. 14:22-25 Malachi:2:16 Matthew:19:3, 8 Deut. 24:1-2 1 Corinthians:7:10-40 (especially 15, 27,28, 39)

7. A Christian who is remarried is not an adulterer. They are righteous in Jesus Christ.

8. The law serves the Christian; it is not intended to control the Christian. Control is before the cross and when the law serves the Christian it is after the cross has met the Christian.

9. When you struggle with sin, go back to the law and be brought to the cross. 1 Timothy:6:17 Learn to live in grace.

10. Are you struggling with legalism? God back to the cross and learn grace. Galatians:4:9,10 and 5:1

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Sunday, March 12, 2017
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Pastor David Underwood
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