Kept by the Power of God

1 Peter introduction. 1 Peter:1:1-5


1. Trials/suffering/temptations/ testings, whether from being a sinner or from living as a Christian in the world do not have the power to defeat our ultimate experience or our present experience of God’s salvation.

2. Christians are strangers in this world. John:15:19

3. Our election and our new birth are a sure foundation for salvation. Ch. 1:1-3

4. Our inheritance is guaranteed to us. Ch. 1;4

5. 2 Timothy:2:13. My doubts don’t shame my foundation or my destination.

6. Since my salvation’s foundation and destination are secure and sure my struggle should not be with doubts about them; the struggle should be with actively displaying my trust in God during the trial of my faith.

7. 1 Peter is all about how faith looks and acts in trials and temptations.

- trust God with government 2:12-17

- trust God with employers 2:18-20

- trust God with being mistreated 2:21-25

- wives trusting God with imperfect husbands 3:1-6

- husbands trusting God with imperfect wives. 3:7

- trusting God with life in general 3:8-17

8. The repeated us of the word “likewise” tells us that the manifestations of faith in each situation looks the same. The behavior of faith is the same no matter what the test.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017
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Pastor David Underwood
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